A home where everything comes with a price tag

21:00 October 15, 2023
– “I need a fitting space and a wardrobe tonight, after hours.” said Anh Phan
– “ Alright, bring him to the store.”


Seeing these big artists first time in the business, we were left more than impressed by the way they would behave and interact to others. It was a down to earth experience when these international artists can sing, and dance, and walk around in underwear and try on fits. Making the decision to perform skits and play guitar to the song “La La La” to greet BBNO$ was now not as overwhelming as I had anticipated. Thanks to the great opportunity that Anh Phan has created so that it didn’t feel like we were all working until 1:00 am.
We’re humbled and grateful.
– Kim


Stylist: Jackie Nguyen
Wardrobe: Dau Hang
BTS Photos by Antiantiart
Special thanks to Anh Phan, Low G, BBNO$, Antiantiart
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