A home where everything comes with a price tag

(1) In a few sentences, can you describe yourself?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, good for some, horrible for others. A man of many hats.

(2) What makes you come back to Vietnam?

The hybrid condition.

(3) When and how did your passion for music develop?

Honestly, when I co-founded N10.AS® Radio (www.n10.as), I was looking for a way to go out without having to go out.

The music was always just a vehicle to access the amazing people who came by the station.

(4) How your background influenced your works?

I think having a self awareness that my background is in fact has influencing a lot of my work, make me keep embracing it. We can get into this when we run the Nowness Asia interview 😂

(5) What have you learnt working with big artists and celebs?

I am who I am

(6) Favorite things to do in Vietnam?

Chilling hard with my family in Gò Dầu Tây Ninh.

Driving around without using Google Maps.

Sitting/ sleeping, or just be there, on the bench outside of Dau Hang.

(7) What would you want to see more at Dau Hang?

People lining up to get into the store, spend money to make money.

(7) Where can people find your works?

Bít Si Ních và Phai Nen Sờ Át



Khoa Vu in Đầu Hàng’s Wardrobe

Stylist: Đầu Hàng

Photographer: Le Minh

Location: Đầu Hàng Store